la marca white peach bellinis

A bellini is the perfect cocktail for brunch or a lovely warm afternoon on the patio.  Refreshing, light and not overly sweet.  This recipe, with white peach puree, is inspired by the original bellini - invented at Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy.  

We enjoyed a bellini at Harry's Bar while we were in Venice on our honeymoon.  It was our last night in Italy, we had already had dinner and after-dinner cocktails, but our suitcases were packed and we didn't want to go to bed yet.  We set out for a late night walk to Harry's Bar.  We grabbed some seats at the bar and had fun chatting with the bartender and munching olives while enjoying our delicious (and very expensive) bellinis.  The atmosphere was great and we were likely surrounded by Italian celebrities (because we weren't allowed to take photos) - all in all, a spontaneous and fun end to our honeymoon.  After tasting the original bellini I just can't go back to the bright orange, slushy, overly sweet concoctions many bars serve up.  Especially since it's so easy (and delicious) to make my own!  

I made these bellinis with La Marca Prosecco from Northern Italy.  I loved the light, crisp flavour and soft bubbles.  I didn't find it to be overly sweet, which kept it refreshing.  I thought it was the perfect choice for these bellinis.  Check your local liquor store for La Marca - it's an excellent price point for a top quality prosecco.  

White Peach Bellinis

  • 4 white peaches
  • 1 chilled bottle of La Marca Prosecco
  • simple syrup (if your peaches aren't sweet enough)

Peel the peaches and puree until smooth.  Add about 20 ml (1 1/2 tbsp) of peach puree to the bottom of each champagne flute.  Fill the glass with prosecco, then mix together just before serving.  Enjoy!

Thank you to La Marca Prosecco for providing me with a bottle to sample!