Last week Trev and I were lucky enough to attend Rostizado's grand opening party.  We had a great time sampling their delicious food, enjoying a few beverages and checking out the new space.  

Rostizado is the newest venture from the Tres Carnales Group.  It's located in the Mercer Building on 104 St.  The restaurant is beautiful with high ceilings, exposed brick, wood, glass, all comes together beautifully in a style that could be best described as mid-century modern meets Mexico (a refreshing look when most new restaurants are going with a rustic-industrial-vintage kind of vibe).  The restaurant has 70 seats and is divided into several areas: a bar/lounge, la sala ('living room' in Español), the dining room and a private dining area - perfect for larger groups.  

Check out the retro TVs and watch some old-school Mexican shows or browse through the Spanish cookbooks on the shelves in La Sala.

I loved the open views to the bar and kitchen.  It's hard not to stare at those beautiful chickens turning around and around to goldeny goodness in the rotisserie ovens.  

And the food... oh man... I literally loved every single bite of food I shovelled into my mouth that night.  So AHHH-MAZ-ING!  There were a few favourites though: the pork belly gordita & the shredded chicken topped with crispy chicken skin served on a masa cake.  Oh, and churros... yes, definitely churros. 

Gorditas with Pancita - this slow braised pork belly was so tender and flavourful and the house-made corn flour masa bread was delicious...I was so full, but I just kept eating them!

Some of the dishes we sampled were slightly modified from their usual form, so rather than give a big description of each I'll just show lots of pics for you to drool over - go check out the menu and start planning what you'll order when you go!

Delicious corn soup topped with a sprinkling of cheese, fried onion, and crunchy little bits - and chile peppers for some added burn

The ones on the left were masa topped with shredded chicken and glorious, crispy chicken skin.  The ones on the right had sliced slow-roasted pork (same as the next pic)

Thinly sliced roasted pork, chimichurri, avocado and pickled onions on a tostada.  The pork was so tender and flavourful and the pickled onions really made the dish come alive.  I think this would be similar to the Rosti-Puerco Cemita on the menu. 

Wild mushrooms, poblano chiles, onions and cheese all melted together - a vegetarian dish that even the hungriest carnivore would enjoy. 

Mmmmm, postres (desserts).  For years I've been wishing that Tres Carnales Taqueria would offer desserts (specifically churros), so I actually did a little happy dance when I spotted them on the menu at Rostizado.  Just try to resist a perfectly cooked churro dipped in salted caramel sauce.  If that's not your thing (because you're crazy) then perhaps the flan with browned butter caramel sauce will call to you.  Either way, you can't go wrong. 

We spent some time chatting with Dani & Chris and their passion for the restaurant and the food was obvious and infectious.  Chris told us about some of the restaurants and chefs that had inspired them.  Dani talked about how they developed their recipes.  He told me all about perfect churros - they need to be crisp on the outside and really soft on the inside - almost undercooked, but not quite.  We agreed that over-fried hard churros are no good, but doughy ones aren't very good either - it has to be perfect.  He also told me that they had a customer in who was very familiar with what are considered to be the *best* churros in Mexico, and this gentleman thought theirs was as good OR BETTER!  If that doesn't sell you on heading down to Rostizado, I don't know what will!

I'm really looking forward to going back to Rostizado to try out more of their dishes.  It would be a great place to go on a date or a little family dinner.  When you head there, it's important to remember that they don't take reservations - first come, first seated - but they will take your mobile number and text you when a table comes available.  This way you that you can take advantage of enjoying the other awesome businesses and bars on 104 St. while you wait; pretty neat.  

Thanks again for having us Dani, Chris and Edgar - we'll be back!

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