road-trip to the okanagan

A few weeks ago Hannah, my mom and I journeyed across the Rocky mountains to visit family in the Okanagan.  My busy, impatient little girl did surprisingly well on the long drive - I just kept passing her toys and snacks, ha ha.  

A few years ago I blogged about D-Dutchman Dairy in Sicamous (here's that post).  Their ice cream has always been a family favourite.  I love stopping in for a cone and visit with the cows, mostly for the sake of nostalgia I think.  Also, keeping family traditions is fun, so this was Hannah's first visit.  When I was a kid I looooved bubblegum ice cream, so Hannah and I shared a cone too. 

In Kelowna my Aunt took us to a little Cuban restaurant she likes.  Soul de Cuba Café is a cute little place near the north end of the boardwalk (pretty close to the lake).  

We tried the Tostones (fried plantains with mango sauce); I always forget how starchy plantain is, ha ha, but these were really good - nice and crispy on the outside and they got a good flavour boost from the mango sauce.  We all shared the Ropa Vieja (shredded beef dish) and the Picadillo a la Habanera (a ground beef mixture with olives).  Both dishes were served with rice, black bean soup and shredded lettuce.  Both dishes were tasty - I really liked a bit of the meat on top of the lettuce.  The two dishes we picked tasted fairly similar to me - I guess we should have picked one beef dish and one chicken dish.  Anyhow, the food was good and I would definitely come back.  

We also had a lovely lunch at Hotel Eldorado, a beautiful place right on Okanagan Lake.  The dining room feels like an old veranda with large windows opening to the lake, it would be super-romantic for a date night.  I had the seared tuna sandwich for lunch.  The tuna was beautifully cooked and the house-made bread tasted great - an awesome sandwich.  For dessert I had a bowl of the peach sorbet (freshly made-in-house daily), so smooth and delicious.  The next time you're in Kelowna I would totally recommend stopping in at the Hotel Eldorado - even if it's just for drinks and snacks alongside the marina.  

So that's a quick summary of our trip!  We had an awesome time and enjoyed some good food.  Especially ice cream...we had a lot of ice cream :)  

Oh, one more thing: if you're looking for a place to stay in Kelowna, check out Pleasant Pear Orchard B&B