epic date, part 3: woodwork

After we left Taste of Edmonton, totally stuffed with desserts and dinner from Bar Bricco, we headed back towards our car.  As we were walking past the Westin Hotel we spotted Woodwork across the street.  Another place we had both heard good things about, so we decided to stop in for a cocktail.  Why not, right?  Hannah was in good hands and we didn't have to be home by a particular time.  

We sat at the bar and I was amazed by the enormous shelves full of bottles of liquors I had never seen or heard of.  I loved the old medicine bottles being used for spirits and the huge collection of books - I love cookbooks.  Woodwork is yet another restaurant with a rustic-antique-y vibe, but I'm not complaining, I like that aesthetic.  

Sitting at the bar was also great because we had front row seats to watch the bartender work.  So many fantastic looking cocktails!  I had the Violet Fizz: Beefeater Gin (mmm, gin), Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur, Hibiscus Cordial, lemon, egg white & seltzer.  It had the most gorgeous purple froth on the top and I loved the floral flavour with a bit of tartness from the hibiscus.  It seriously tasted like candy - I think I probably told Trevor that at least 5 times.  

Our cocktail at Woodwork was the perfect end to a wonderful (and epic) date night.  After getting just a little taste of Woodwork I'm looking forward to going back.  The variety of dishes cooked in their wood-fired oven sound amazing.   

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