epic date, part 2: taste of edmonton

After leaving Bar Bricco we set off looking for dessert.  I remembered that Taste of Edmonton was on, so we decided to give it a try.  It was the 30th Anniversary of the the festival, and I had been invited to several media events leading up to it, but unfortunately I hadn't been able to make it to any of them.  

The festival's organizers have been making a big effort to change-up and improve Taste of Edmonton, and I think their efforts paid off.  Trevor and I haven't been for quite a few years because we found that the festival lacked original restaurants, the dishes served were the same year after year and the prices were becoming way too steep.  

Eva Sweet waffle - I love them so much, usually plain, but I guess I can stand some whipped cream and chocolate sauce

I'm really happy we went this year and gave it another try, because we had fun, and a lot of our past complaints had been remedied.  There were far fewer large chain restaurants and it was much more affordable.  I'm not sure what the appetizer or main dish costs were like, but all of the desserts were either 2 or 3 tickets.  (We bought 20 tickets for $25)

Banana bread pudding with caramel sauce, whipped cream and bruleed banana from Zinc.  

The surprise dish of the evening was Chocolate Mousse with Pop Rocks from The Common.  The mousse was really good and the pop rocks were super fun and made me feel like a kid :)  (plus, it was only 2 tickets)

Well done Taste of Edmonton - we'll be back again next year!