epic date, part 1: bar bricco

Trev and I haven't been out on many dates (especially just the two of us) since Hannah was born - not for lack of babysitters - I don't know, we just haven't.  Anyhow, Trev's parents were staying with us the night before Hannah's birthday party and offered to watch her so we could go out.  Yay!  I really wanted to try Bar Bricco, so we headed there.  We weren't planning on going anywhere else, but once we were out (and downtown) we hit up Taste of Edmonton and Woodwork as well.  So rather than squeezing three into one (like we did) I'm splitting them up into separate posts.  Also, I hadn't planned on blogging about our date, so I didn't bring my camera, so these are all cell phone pics.  Here's part I...

Bar Bricco is Daniel Costa's second restaurant and has received high praises (not that I would expect anything less - Corso 32 is amazing).  As soon as we walked in the door I felt as if I had been transported to Europe and it was love at first sight.  I loved the simple, concise decor.  The curved tiled ceiling, the long wood bar and, of course, the gorgeous meat slicer standing pristinely behind the bar.  The focus of this restaurant is on spuntini (small plates), salumi and formaggi, there is an excellent wine list and select apertifs & Italian cocktails.  The entire menu looked fantastic, but we managed to pick a few dishes to share.  

First we had the 'Day Of' Ricotta.  I'm in love with the ricotta at Corso 32, so we had to order this one.  The dish at Bricco features a compressed ricotta, so the texture is different than the whipped one at Corso.  Also, the ricotta at Corso has more goat milk, so the flavours are different.  The ricotta at Bar Bricco did not disappoint.  So creamy, and drizzled with delicious olive oil.  

We shared the Egg Yolk Raviolo, but I could have easily eaten it (okay, four of them) all by myself.  Sooooo good.  Perfect thin sheets of pasta enclosing a pillow of ricotta topped by a golden yellow yolk that oozed out to make the perfect sauce, all topped with fried sage, browned butter and cheese...gaaah, so good.  

We also shared the Salumi Tasting Plate, which had several varieties of prosciutto, pancetta and salami and came with house Grissini and bread.  It was a very generous serving of meat for $24 - more than we were able to eat.  It was a lot of fun to work our way around the plate, sampling and comparing.  Prosciutto Di Parma was my favourite.  

Our dinner at Bar Bricco was absolutely perfect and I was completely content, but we decided to find dessert somewhere else.   

If you haven't been to Bar Bricco yet, you absolutely should.  The food and atmosphere are wonderful.  I can't wait for another date night so we can go back!

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I love a good Negroni...on this evening I loved several of them, ha ha.