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On Easter weekend Trevor and I went out on a date to RGE RD. We've have been wanting to go for quite a while, and we've heard good things from friends, so we were excited to finally give it a try.

RGE RD is a locally focused and their strong relationship with farmers and local producers is obvious on the menu. The restaurant has good atmosphere. Kind of a rustic/industrial antique kind of vibe that goes great with their concept. Our server was really friendly and had good personality. Overall the whole package was great and we were really happy with our experience there. 

We arrived early for our reservation, so we grabbed a couple of stools beside the bar and ordered a cocktail. Trevor tried the Old Fashioned 135 - it was great and convinced us that we need to pick up some bitters and tasty whisky so we can make them at home. I had the Labrador Tea, a gin cocktail with earl grey syrup. Two things I love! It was very tasty and a great start to our evening at RGE RD.

When we got to our table we perused the menu (and a lot of it sounded delicious). We decided to go with the 'Questionable Bits' to start (a daily special that could be any cut of meat). The special that day was pork liver mousse with grilled sourdough and pear compote. The liver was nice and smooth and I liked the pears but I felt like the dish could have used a bit of acid. Some bread & butter quick pickles would have been perfect. 

I had the Nature's Green Acres Pig Roast. It was basically a pork extravaganza with pork loin, pork belly, pork confit wrapped in bacon and tartiflette (a hash of potato & lardons) served with a poached apple and some crisp apple slaw. Of course pork and apple are a natural pairing, but I loved the way RGE RD had a hint of vanilla in the poached apple and that they included the slaw for some texture variation. Everything was really tasty and I finished off every little bit on my plate. Usually I’m not even that into pork!

Trevor had the Grilled Beef and the cut of the day was a strip loin. It was served over rosemary mashed potatoes with some roasted carrots. It came with a ragout of beef and mushrooms in a little pot on the side to be poured over everything. The strip loin was tender, flavourful and perfectly cooked. I really liked the ragout as well and the rosemary mashed potatoes inspired Trev’s mashed potatoes for Easter dinner – that’s how good they were.

Even though we were both very full we had to order a dessert to share. We picked the S’more. It was soooo good! It had homemade chocolate marshmallow, dark chocolate ganache, graham cracker cake and toasted meringue topped with some crunchy sweet graham cracker bits. It was such a fun dessert – who doesn’t love s’mores? But this was the extra-fancy adult version…yum. 

We had a great time and the food was awesome. I would totally recommend booking yourself a reservation at RGE RD – I’m glad we finally did!

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PS: I'm going to be updating the format of my blog, so I'll be working on that for the next little while.  I'm super excited to share the new look! Watch for it soon :)