aaaand i'm back...

Hey guys!  Long time, no blog!
Life has been busy around here in the Mayowski household.  Big changes are in store for us - and are directly responsible for my lack of posting over the last several weeks.  Without further aideu, an announcement:

Bun In the Oven Pic
image from: Stringtown Home

That's right - we're expecting our first baby in July!  The past few months I've existed by completing the bare minimum.  I was pretty much exhausted every day by the time I got home from work, so luckily Trev has been feeding me and taking care of me.  (Therefore no cooking to blog about from me.)  I was also dealing with a lot of morning sickness (yuck), but luckily it seems to be improving. Because food is such a big part of my life, pregnancy has brought about some interesting changes & observations:

  • When you feel sick all the time nothing seems appetizing - thank goodness for unsalted soda crackers!
  • My first craving was for Cheetos Puffy Cheezies.  I NEVER eat these normally, but I just couldn't stop thinking about them (and talking about it) so Trev finally bought me a bag.  I ate the whole thing in three days, then the craving was gone...for now...
  • Recently I craved Sour Patch Kids - they're unbelievably good fresh out of the bag.  
  • I also love apples a lot more than usual; at least those are healthy!
  • Super-sense of smell is no joke.  Everything is way stronger (which is usually for the worse).  The scent of onions or bacon can make me gag.  
  • Roasted brussels sprouts are my newest food obsession.  I fell in love with them at Three Boars and have made my own version several times in my own kitchen.  I could seriously eat a whole plate of roasted brussels sprouts all by myself.  
  • I'm not only eating for myself anymore.  No - that doesn't mean I'm eating for two, because the baby is tiny and doesn't need that many more calories; but it does mean that I have to think about what I choose to put into my body because it directly effects the little one.  Fruit? check.  Veggies? check.  Popcorn for dinner? maybe not.

I love giving nicknames - not sure why, it just happens sometimes.  I couldn't stand calling the little one the generic name 'baby' all the time so I quickly nicknamed the baby - Jellybean.  (So if I mention Jellybean in future posts, you'll know who I mean)  Anyhow, the secret's out and my energy seems to be on the upswing, so I'm hoping to get back into some regular blogging.