southern-fried goodness

Last week I was in Atlanta, Georgia for the American Speech-Language Pathology Convention.  I went with my friend and coworker, Caitlin.  Luckily she's always interested in seeking out good food too, so we had some foodie adventures during our visit.


The first place we ventured to was the Silver Skillet - a classic diner.  It was everything I expected from a diner that's been in operation since 1956 - the open booths, stools along the counter and lots of "down-home country cooking".  How great is it to be greeted with a "What can I get for y'alls?" with a sweet southern tang?  Pretty good, actually, just like Silver Skillet's warm biscuits with a smear of butter.  I decided to go with the chicken-fried steak with white gravy (recommended by the waitress) and sides of coleslaw and baked sweet potato with butter (of course).  It was pretty tasty - the steak was a flavourful seasoned beef patty that was breaded and fried.  Definitely not low-calorie, but when in Georgia...


Georgia peach cobbler


Later on we went for dinner at a pub called Six Feet Under.  The name is a nod to their neighbours across the street in the Oakland Cemetery... The decor was relaxed and fun and we quickly settled into a booth by the window.  I got quite a shock when I ordered a lemonade - it was sooooo sweet, practically like syrup.  I can't believe people could just drink something so sweet - I had to mix it with a lot of water to make it drinkable - crazy!  We shared an order of crab cakes to start.  They were really good - packed with big pieces of crab meat and served on top of micro-greens and spiced corn.


My meal was awesome (too bad I couldn't finish even half of it!).  I had the fried catfish with coleslaw and jalapeno hush puppies.  I loved the cornmeal batter on the fish - it was crunchy and really well spiced.  I don't think I've ever had hush puppies before... they reminded me slightly spicy Tim Bits - little round fried dough balls.  The food at Six Feet Under was great - there were lots of delicious-sounding options on the menu.


the Oakland Cemetery

So what did I learn in Atlanta?  The south knows how make fried food!  But be warned if you dive into the world of southern cooking, I was craving vegetables after the first day there :)