korčula, cocktails in a tower

I loved Korčula (kor-choo-la), it was one of my favourite cities we visited on our sailing trip.  It just had a lot of character & charm.  In the Old Town there was one main street running down the center of the peninsula with little lanes branching off of it in either direction - my guide book said it looked like the skeleton of a fish, and I agree!  As we walked down the main street it was hard to resist taking a photo down every little lane - they were all unique and full of charm.  I also loved the little churches with bell towers all over the town - there was literally a church around every corner.

The island of Korčula has been settled by various colonies & empires for many centuries - including the Venetians, and their impact on the architecture and design of the city is obvious.  Korčula claims to be the birthplace of Marco Polo in 1254...Venice claims him too, so it's hard to know who is correct...I mean, Korčula was part of Venetian Republic at the time...Any how, Korčula still claims Marco Polo as their own, and there was a museum in his supposed house and souvenir shops everywhere.

Because Korčula was an important stronghold for the Venetian Republic, it had fortifications all around the town, including several towers.  The tower on the tip of the peninsula has been converted to a very cool cocktail bar - Buffet Massimo.  

The tower in the back is Buffet Massimo,

as seen from St. Mark's Cathedral

There are three levels where you can grab a drink: the main level, the upper floor (via a flight of stairs) or the terrace on the roof of the tower - accessed by climbing a steep ladder through a hole in the roof.  We arrived a little before the sunset and waited around a few minutes before getting a table.  Everyone is crammed in pretty tightly up there, but that gave it a party-like atmosphere.  All the cocktails are hauled up by hand, with a really basic dumbwaiter hanging over the wall of the tower - too funny, but it worked great.  It needs to be said that Buffet Massimo is really more about the atmosphere and the views, so with the price of our cocktails we definitely paid for the privilege of watching the sunset from the top of an ancient tower.  Drinks were 50-70 kuna (about $10-12 CAD) - fairly pricey for Croatia.  All said, we had a fantastic time - I would totally recommend spending an hour up on the tower at Buffet Massimo if you ever make it to Korčula!  (sadly, my camera battery ran out once we were up there, so I don't have too many photos)

One more thing about Korčula: I think it was the best ice cream (sladoled) I had the entire time in Croatia (and we did try a lot) was from Kiwi.  It was super-creamy and the flavours were excellent.  Yummm.