pumpkins at prairie gardens

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday a few days early out at Prairie Gardens with family and friends.  It was a chilly & snowy day, but we had a lot of fun.  Their Haunted Pumpkin Festival has been running all month (October) and the last day was on Sunday.  I reserved one of their fire pits (perfect for roasting hotdogs and marshmallows), but luckily they also gave us a space inside one of the heated greenhouses.

We checked out the little corn maze on site (the really big one is down the road a bit), the corncob cannon, the petting zoo, 'build-a-scarecrow' and alllll the pumpkins.

As an added bonus, they invited us to take as many pumpkins as we wanted because it was the very last day of the season!  We loaded up the car with all sorts of varieties - creamy white ones, variegated ones, super-big bright orange ones, lumpy-bumpy ones - you name it, they had them all out at Prairie Gardens.

Everyone had fun out at the farm, and it was a great activity to do outside of the usual stuff in Edmonton.  I'd definitely make a trip back out to Prairie Gardens next spring!