back to canada

Well, our adventures abroad have come to an end.  We made our way back to Canada a week ago and I've been gradually getting over my jet lag, catching up with family & friends, returning to work and giving Angus (our cat) lots of snuggles.  I think I'm a bit in awe of all that we saw and did in the last six months.  When I look back at the (literally thousands) of photos we took I find it hard to believe that I actually visited all those places... Amsterdam & the Netherlands, Paris, London, Brussels, Berlin, the island of Mallorca, Croatia and Bosnia.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity we had to live overseas - it wouldn't have been possible without the phone calls, skype dates and visits from our loved ones.  And, of course, my work generously allowing me to take a leave of absence.

While I was away the blog evolved into a bit of a travel blog - how could I not share all of those amazing experiences (food and otherwise)?  To make things a bit simpler to find I've added a 'travels' tab to the top of the blog where the posts are separated by location for your browsing enjoyment.  I've got quite a few more travel posts to write and pictures to share, so in a way my adventures abroad aren't quite done yet...

As amazing as it was to be away, Trevor and I were both ready to come home and get back to regular life, which for me, also means getting back into blogging about the recipes I try and Edmonton's food scene.  There's no place like home, especially when it comes to my own kitchen :)

I missed my mixer soooo much :)