restaurant week amsterdam: brasserie flo

On Friday night we took Trevor's parents to our second Restaurant Week reservation a Brasserie FLO.  It's located just steps away from Rembrandtplein.  I liked the 'classic' brasserie decor.  The restaurant was warmly lit, and had lots of brass and dark wood throughout.  I loved the starched white tablecloths too; I guess I'm a sucker for tablecloths, they just make meals feel extra-special.

When you enter the restaurant there's a window to the shellfish prep kitchen immediately to the left - seeing all those lovely lobsters piled in the window definitely got my stomach grumbling.  The chef was also shucking oysters and arranging them in lovely piles of crushed ice, but oysters aren't really my thing.

We were seated and given the Restaurant Week menu - it had a few choices for appetizers, entrees & desserts, as well as some upgrade options for each course.

For appetizers there was a choice between a fish terrine, beef carpaccio or fresh oysters.  When the server used the word "gelée" when describing the terrine, I knew I would be having the carpaccio.  The funny thing was that I didn't realize I had ordered carpaccio, so I was a bit surprised when slices of raw meat arrived in front of me.  Somehow, I had only read the description on the menu: fillet of beef served over gazpacho; so I was expecting soup.  It was a happy surprise though - the carpaccio was wonderful.  Very thinly sliced and served over finely diced vegetables, it was sprinkled with capers and olives and a drizzle of a sherry-vinegar cream dressing, all topped with nicely dressed arugula.

Trev had the oysters and said they were really good.  He felt that six was a few too many as a starter though.

We all chose to upgrade our main course to the half-lobster.  It was sooo good.  The lobster was nicely cooked - so juicy and flavourful.  It was served on top of butter-sauteed greens and perfectly cooked asparagus with a few roasted tomatoes on the side.  There was a puddle of tomato-cream sauce on the plate (it reminded me of vodka cream sauce) that was perfect for dipping the lobster or asparagus into.  As if all of that wasn't enough food, our meals also came with a dish of delicious and crispy fries - too bad I was too stuffed to enjoy them.

Even though I was so full, I still enjoyed my dessert.  (It was part of the 3-course menu, so I had to right?)  I picked the creme brulée, which I don't often choose because it can be so hit-or-miss at restaurants, but based on the rest of my meal I expected good things from Brasserie FLO.  I wasn't disappointed.  The sugar crust was perfect - nice & caramelized and thin enough to shatter with a tap from the spoon.  The custard was smooth and creamy with a nice hint of vanilla.  Seeing the little speckles of vanilla seeds in the custard makes me happy too.  Yes, I finished it all.

Overall it was a wonderful meal at Brasserie FLO.  The service was exceptional and everything that we ate was delicious.  Sampling Brasserie FLO through Restaurant Week was also excellent value; our 3-course meal was € 33,50 per person (including the upgrade to lobster).  I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

I enjoyed my view into the kitchen from our table -  all the hustle & bustle.