bits and bites - september 2012

I can't believe it's already September!  Time goes by waaay too quickly.  I really enjoy writing 'bits and bites' posts because it allows me to give quick little recipes or stories, and they don't have to be connected at all - just little random things.  But I'll admit that I slacked over the summer.  C'est la vie - sometimes it's more fun to MAKE food and EAT food than write about it.

Okay, so first a few photos from Nord Markt.  We both love it there - the market is so lively and filled with beautiful produce, bread, meat, cheese and other stuff.  And of course, there's also Winkel, the café on the corner, with their delicious Dutch apple pie (I'm going to miss that).  We have fantastic markets in Edmonton too, and I'm hoping to be able to make it to one or two outdoor markets around Edmonton once we get back (fingers crossed).

mmmmushrooms, so many mushroom

The masses descending on Nord Markt

I was reminded earlier this week that sometimes simple is best - I rediscovered scrambled eggs on toast :)

I've also been enjoying camembert on bread.  Yup, gotta love it.  

cute kitty - I shall name him "Van Gogh"

Because it's September that also means it's almost the end of our adventure abroad.  We're heading to Croatia tomorrow for a couple weeks for one last (hopefully) sunny and hot "hurrah!"  I've got a few post lined up for when I'm away, then I've got to get cracking and share the rest of my European adventures!

One more quick story: I have a love/hate relationship with swans... They're pretty, but when I was three years old I was bitten by a swan in the park when I was feeding them with my Grandma.  I'm not sure if you've ever been bitten by a swan but it really hurts!  Especially when you're a little tyke and the swan is almost the same size.  So I'm naturally slightly apprehensive when it comes to swans BUT like I said, they're pretty so I can't stay away.  We came across this little family of swans one evening when we were biking - yes, those grey ones are this year's babies/ducklings/swanlings (?).  The big daddy swan was full of hissing but Trevor protected me by being the bigger swan.  Thanks Trevor :)