rijsttafel at puri mas

Last week when Trev's parents were here in Amsterdam we took them to an Indonesian restaurant so they could experience Dutch Rijsttafel.  Trev & I tried a rijstaffel a while ago and I explained more about it here, but the quick run-down is a variety of small dishes served with rice on the side that allows you to sample lots of different meats & veggies at the same time.

This time we went to Puri Mas for dinner and it was excellent.  In fact, I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

We ordered the 'Rijsttafel Speciaal', which included 13 dishes and some condiments (€ 20,50 per person).  I loved the warming trays that were brought to the table.  It actually kept the food warm while you were enjoying what was already on your plate (but as you can see, my plate was pretty full anyways).

All of the food was really good, but there were a few 'stand-outs' in my mind:  The 'danging rendang' was spicy stewed beef with lots of great flavour and it tasted good with serundeng (fried coconut) sprinkled on top, 'gado gado' were vegetables with a sweet peanut sauce and 'babi kekap' was seasoned pork in sweet-salty soy sauce reduction.  There was also a fried piece of banana for each of us - yum.  There was so much food - and it was so good that I didn't want to stop eating - but alas, we couldn't quite finish everything.  Overall, excellent value for the money.  

The staff were so friendly and efficient (not that service is bad in Amsterdam, but it's not usually that good either).  The restaurant was very accomodating as well, they will make vegetarian rijsttafel or substitute dishes without difficulty, for example, my in-laws don't like spicy food, so they received a mild green curry instead of the spicy beef that Trev & I enjoyed.  The restaurant is tucked a few blocks in from Leidseplein - an area strewn with tacky, overpriced tourist-filled restaurants, so it truly was a diamond in the rough.