raspberry love

I looooove raspberries.  Tart, sweet, juicy, beautiful little summer gems.

Recently I headed out to

Roy's Raspberries

with a couple girlfriends to pick raspberries.  The picking was good and it didn't take us long to fill our three ice cream buckets.  We picked two buckets of regular raspberries, then headed over to the back raspberry patch and loaded up a bucket with some of the specialty varieties, including the sweet & mild golden raspberries.

The folks out at Roy's Raspberries are so nice.  My friends and I had a lot of fun hanging out in the sun while picking berries (we may have sampled a few as we were picking...)  An ice cream bucket full of berries only cost $15!

After our buckets were full we headed back to Caitlin's house for dinner.  While dinner was in the oven I gave the girls a pie-making lesson (here's my

pie crust recipe

).  We made some tasty Bumbleberry pies (sorry, no finished product picture - I was enjoying and forgot!)

Berries pre-pie.  mmmmm.....