paris: you don't always get what you ask for

Just before I headed back to Canada my sister came over to the Netherlands for a visit.  We spent a few days in Amsterdam but I also booked us a train to Paris.  The trip is only 3 hours and I love it there so much I wanted to share it with her.

We had a good time exploring, soaking in the wonderful Parisian atmosphere and having some good laughs.  We had a few food-related giggles that I thought I would share.

On our first day there we went for lunch at Chartier and we were lucky enough to walk right in.  Last time there I ordered the day's special while Trev went for the classic steak & frites.  It had looked pretty tasty when Trev ordered it, so I ordered the 'steack hachรฉ au poivre vert' (steak with pepper sauce).  I know that the French tend to eat their meat on the rare side, so I ordered my steak medium-well...When it arrived it was closer to blue-rare - just a quick sear on the outside, very much raw on the inside.  Ummm, yeah....not really my thing, but I ate most of it anyways.  Jill had ordered the same thing, but she actually really enjoyed her slab of raw meat.  Hey, whatever floats your boat.

We decided to go all out for our lunch at Chartier, so we asked for some menus and perused the dessert section.  I decided on the tarte tatin with a berry coulis.  It was very good.  Jill wasn't sure what to pick - a lot of the options weren't words I was familiar with, so when the waiter came to our table she made a snap decision.  We had quite a laugh when her dessert arrived...a cup of whipped cream!  I have no idea what it was that she pointed to on the menu, so I can't say what to look-for/not-look-for the next time you want some whipped cream in France :)

Jill had one other funny food experience.  We picked a random restaurant in Montmartre for dinner - it was nothing special (so no pictures from dinner).  We were given the English menu as well as the French menu and I selected a salad.  With the assistance of the English menu I narrowly escaped ordering a salad with chicken gizzards on it - whew!  Jill used the English menu to select an order of French Onion soup (a Parisian invention) and 'country pie'.  She was assuming she would get something along the lines of shepherd's pie...sadly (for her), that was not the case.  She ended up with several large squares of patรฉ.  I thought it tasted great, but she wasn't quite as thrilled.  Oh well, another laugh in a French restaurant.

Here's a few pictures from Montmartre: