sprinkle sandwiches

One of my favourite Dutch treats?  Sprinkle sandwiches!

Seriously, they actually do eat sprinkle sandwiches in Holland - for breakfast, lunch, a snack...anytime really.  The recipe is pretty simple too:

A slice of bread (white bread tastes best - I didn't say these were healthy sandwiches)

A smear of butter (mmm, the butter in Holland is so good)

A mountain of sprinkles (I like the pure dark chocolate best)

Thats it, just fold it in half and try not to let sprinkles dump all over the floor!

There are so many types of sprinkles in the grocery stores over there.  I haven't branched out away from chocolate yet, but I noticed fruity ones, licorice ones, chocolate-peanut butter, speculaas (like spice cookie), even mini chocolate chip cookies...it just goes on and on.  Oh, and just in case you were wondering: the Dutch word for sprinkles is 'hagelslag'.

I sneakily took this photo on my phone in the grocery store (ignore the box of cereal on the bottom shelf).  This isn't even a large selection of sprinkles!