the best appeltaart in amsterdam

Everybody in Amsterdam knows about Winkel Cafe.  Actually everybody everywhere knows about it - it's in pretty much every guide book, listed as 'the' place to go for Dutch appeltaart.  And with good reason.  The appeltaart totally lives up to it's reputation - Amsterdamers and visitors alike flock to Winkel in droves for thick slices of crunchy, tender and delicious Dutch apple pie.  One of Trev's coworkers said he heard they go through about 100 pies on Saturdays!

Appeltaart is nothing like apple pie back here in Canada.  In fact, I think of it as kind of a cross between pie & cake.  It's baked in a springform pan (which means there's lots of appley goodness to enjoy) and the soft cookie-like pastry kind-of folds itself around the chunks of apple & raisins.  The edges are crispy and sweet, a bit like a cookie, while the inner pastry is soft & tender.  At Winkel you can order your appeltaart plain, but I completely recommend the whipped cream.  It's heavenly.

Winkel Cafe is on the corner of the square where the Noordermarkt (organic market) happens on Saturday and the Lapjesmarkt (textile market) happens on Monday, so it's the perfect location for relaxing on their terrace and contemplating your purchases.  I like to enjoy my appeltaart with a koffie verkeerd (latte) while people-watching all the comings and goings in the square.  With a slice of this wonderful appeltaart things couldn't get much better.