la perla: italian pizza in amsterdam's one of my favourite foods - especially Italian-style pizza with it's thin, chewy crust and minimal but delicious toppings.

I've found a place to satisfy my cravings while we're here in Amsterdam: La Perla in the Jordaan neighbourhood.  There's the take-away shop on one side of the street with a few stools at the window and one large communal table and there's a restaurant across the street with more seating and a terrace.  The pizza is made at the take-away shop in a large wood-fired oven.  I loved being able to watch the pizza being prepared and shuffled into the oven.

Their menu has lots of great choices (which makes it hard to pick) and there was also a note on it that they fly in buffalo mozzarella from Italy a few times each week.  Yum!

We've been there a couple times now, but on our most recent visit I decided to go with a classic margherita and I was not disappointed.  The crust had lots of nice air pockets and a good amount of char.  The tomato sauce tasted fresh & bright and the cheese was fantastic.  Good mozzarella makes such a difference.

Trev picked the pizza with mozzarella, cured ham & arugula and it was also really tasty.  Just simple & delicious.  I think that's part of why I love pizza so much.

Now, don't get me wrong here...I think the pizza is awesome but the flavour in the crust is just a *little* bit lacking.  It's not quite as complex as I would like, but it is prepared really well.  The crust is sturdy enough that you can pick up a slice of pizza without having all the toppings slide off.  The outside is crispy with a chewy interior, just the way it should be.

La Perla makes me so happy - I love hanging out in the Jordaan.  The neighbourhood just has a really good feel to it.  Add delicious pizza to that?  Amsterdam perfection.