moeders: home-style food in amsterdam

After a day exploring Amsterdam we went for dinner with my family at Moeders.  Gerard had made the reservation, and wouldn't tell us anything about the restaurant, saying it was better as a surprise.  I guess I'll ruin the surprise for you by telling about the unique and very special decor.

The inside of Moeders is covered in pictures of mothers and grandmothers - floor to ceiling.  It was so neat to see all the photos and together with the vintage-inspired decor they gave the restaurant such a cozy, homey atmosphere.  On the menu was a note that they're still taking photos of moms to add to their collection (I think I'll bring in a photo of my mom).

The restaurant specializes in Dutch home-style cooking, so my mom and I ordered the "rice dish": basically an assortment of dutch dishes, including suddervlees (stewed beef), hachée (braised beef), hotchpotch (sausage with mashed potato mixed with sauerkraut), stewed rhubarb, cooked red cabbage, get the idea - it was soooo much food.  Everything was delicious, and I love when you can served yourself and sample a bit of this or that.  As a bonus, my Mom could eat everything that was served to us! (She has food allergies and has to eat gluten free).

Around the table everyone else's food looked good too - by the time we finished the meal everyone looked happy and full.  Even though I was stuffed full of delicious beef and mashed potato Trev and I decided to share the 'chocolate party' for dessert.  It was a good thing the plate was small!  It had a scoop of chocolate-hazelnut ice cream with chocolate flakes, some chocolate mousse and a truffle...ahhh, chocolate bliss.

Funny story: after we left the restaurant my family was going to catch the train and Trev had ridden his bike there, so he was going to bike home.  I didn't want to walk to the tram station by myself, so Trev and I decided that he would give me a ride there Dutch-style, which pretty much means I would be sitting 'side-saddle' on the rack over the back fender of his bike.  We haven't tried it before, but you see it everywhere here.  You can even see the person on the back holding a dog or a bag of groceries while talking on their phone - totally relaxed.  Ummm, yeah, it didn't work so well for us.  We got the crazy wobbles as soon as we started moving and almost toppled over in a fit of giggles/screams (from me) in the middle of an intersection.  I guess we're not ready to really be Dutch yet.

this is how it looks when you're successful...this isn't what we looked like

this is how it looks when you're successful...this isn't what we looked like