cocolo ramen, berlin

Cocolo Ramen was definitely a happy find for us.  Our bike tour guide recommended it as one of the places she loves in Berlin and she described all the delicious and authentic ramen.  We both love ramen, so it was an easy choice for dinner.

street view

street view

We found our way there on the U-Bahn and enjoyed our walk down Gipstrasse looking for the restaurant.  Their sign out front was pretty insignifcant, but there was a single Japanese lantern that caught our attention.  We walked into the tiny restaurant - the interior was awesome, with funky artwork and an open kitchen where you could watch the ramen masters at work, but we were offered a seat in the back garden and gladly accepted.

The back garden was really beautiful.  There were multiple long tables with little lights overhead and the walls of the surrounding buildings were covered in thick ivy - super relaxing and comfortable feeling, almost like you were over at a friend's place for a BBQ.  We sat at a large communal table with another couple and ordered some Kirin beer while we tried to decipher the menu.  (Now we had to guess what was going on in both Japanese & German)  Our server was really nice, and did his best to help us even though he spoke very little English.  From the way the food coming out of the kitchen smelled, and the way it looked on the tables around us, I knew I would be happy with pretty much anything they served me.

Trev ordered the Wantan Ramen - it had delicious, freshly made chicken & shrimp dumplings, pieces of chicken and, of course, ramen noodles.  His was really good, but I think I liked mine a little better... I ordered the Tantan Ramen - a spicy broth with minced pork and corn.  Sooo good - I'm sure I'll remember that meal for a long time.

I think memorable meals are made with a combination of fantastic food, good atmosphere and your own general happiness during the experience...all these factors definitely came together that night in Berlin.  Thanks Cocolo.