burgermeister & the berlin zoo

We found Burgermeister by mistake, but it was a very happy discovery - I love it when that happens.  We were exploring the neighbourhood near our hotel and looking for lunch when we noticed a busy little stand under the U-Bahn tracks.  We weren't in a super-touristy area, so a crowd of people is a good sign, in my opinion.  We crossed the road and found ourselves at a burger stand (which smelled amazing).  We got chatting with some locals while we were waiting for our burgers, and it turns out Burgermeister is one of the best places in town - a burger shop in an old converted public washroom.  I though it was hilarious.

Burgermeister had fantastic atmosphere - everyone seemed relaxed and happy as they sat on bike racks converted to benches or on overturned beer crates munching on burgers & fries.  The busy intersection provided lots of great people-watching and the weather could not have been more perfect.

We both ordered burgers and we shared an order of cheese fries.  The burgers were huge and so amazing.  Everything was super-fresh and the burger was juicy and hot.  Delicious and so satisfying.  As we sat enjoying our burgers & soaking in the atmosphere around us I felt like I was really starting to 'get' Berlin.  I like this city.

evidence of the burger stand's previous life?the 'mens' sign on the  corner

evidence of the burger stand's previous life?the 'mens' sign on the  corner

We had visited various museums and other cultural activities but the one last thing I wanted to do in Berlin was visit the zoo.  I love seeing all kinds of animals and the zoo was recommended by our friend Steven, so we found our way there on Sunday morning.  The Berlin Zoo was fantastic.  It is the largest zoo in Germany and was opened in 1844.  I thought the zoo did a really good job of showcasing animals in naturalistic habitats, although we did notice that it sometimes seemed like the habitats got pretty close to the walking paths.  For example, at one point it wouldn't have taken too much effort to stretch out and pet a sleeping lion through the bars of the cage...no, I didn't do it, but he did look awfully cute.  We didn't have time to visit the aquarium, so I'm not sure how that would have been, but if you ever visit Berlin the zoo is worth a visit!

Oh, and eating a popsicle while sitting on a bench watching the elephants made our visit to the zoo perfect :)