Recently we visited Thanh-Thanh Oriental Noodle House for lunch with friends.  Kas and Ayan recommended this restaurant to us quite a while ago, so it seemed only fitting that we try it with them.  It’s another place that I drive past on a daily basis, and I was happy to finally try it.  

It’s a bustling & busy place for weekend lunches, and I would imagine it’s just as busy on weekdays.  Kas & Ayan arrived before us and didn’t have difficulty scoring a table right beside the fish tank.  The service was efficient and friendly. 

The menu was extensive, but we decided to stick with ordering a few appetizers to share.  Kas & Ayan’s favourite is the Hot & Sour soup, so we ordered a large bowl.  I liked the flavour, it had  a bit of heat and the tang from the vinegar.  There were lots of vegetables, tofu, shrimp & chicken.  I had a few bowls, and it was great, but we couldn’t finish it all. 

We picked the green papaya salad with beef.  I really liked it; it had fresh mint & cilantro with crunchy, fresh papaya, topped off with strips of grilled beef.  It would make a good light lunch all on it’s own. 

The last dish Trev & I ordered was the charcoal grilled pork.  It was served in the same style as the satay that Kas & Ayan ordered – grilled on a stick with slices of tomato and lettuce on the side and a peanut sauce for dipping.  It was tender and tasted good.  I liked the charcoal grill flavour and the peanut sauce was a good accompaniment.  We swapped some of our pork for Kas & Ayan’s chicken and beef satay.  I really liked the beef, but the chicken had kind-of an odd texture.  A bit stringy – maybe it had been marinated too much.  

Overall, lunch was good.  I'm glad we finally got to try this place, and it's always fun going to someone's favourite restaurant with them.  Thanks for the lunch date Kas & Ayan :)

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