bits and bites - february 2012

snacks while preparing dinner: nice red wine & bruschetta on toasted baguette

Everyone loves a long weekend...It's so nice to have that one extra day to just relax (and try to forget about your 'to-do' list at work).  We spent our long weekend out at the lake with Trev's family.  I did some baking and reading (not so much on the blogging, which is why I'm so far behind - oh well!).  The weather was fairly mild on Monday, so we had a bonfire and roasted hot dogs for lunch.  In my opinion, that's the best way to have a hot dog.  I like mine on the charred side :)

My mom-in-law's birthday was just after the long weekend, so we celebrated as a family while we were all together.  I baked her a cake - vanilla sponge cake with amaretto buttercream and fresh raspberries.  It's the same recipe I made for my friend Caitlin (without the minor disasters this time), so I would consider it a success.  Okay, maybe there was one minor disaster - I didn't bring my instant-read thermometer from home, so I was using a candy thermometer out at the cabin, and it didn't read quite as easily, so I think I overheated my egg/sugar mixture a bit too much, resulting in buttercream icing that is a little stiffer than my usual stuff (it still tasted great though).

yes, I made a minor disaster at the lake too...but I did clean up after myself.

Trev made this delicious prime rib on the BBQ.  He cooked it perfectly and everyone was happy - medium at the ends, medium-rare in the center.  Don't get me wrong, I do really like prime rib, but I see it as a delivery system for horseradish.  I love the spicy torture of burning up the back of my nasal passages.

We also made it out to a Pyrohy Supper at St. Andrew's Ukrainian Orthodox Church a few weeks ago.  (In Trev's family they spell it 'pyrogy' - to each their own?)  It was fun - it was kind-of like being at a big family dinner.  I had the half-combo with 6 pyrohy and one sausage, salad, beverage and dessert for $8, Trev had the full combo with 12 pyrohy (and all the rest) for $12.  All the pyrohy are freshly made the day before by the ladies of the church and they were very tasty; we had a choice of cottage cheese or cheddar cheese pyrohy.  I liked the cottage cheese best, and Trev preferred the cheddar.  There was just so much food!  But, of course, I still had room for some berry crumble with freshly-made whipped cream for dessert.  If you get a chance, you should definitely stop in at a Pyrohy Supper at an Edmonton Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  (Check out my link to St. Andrew's events calendar for their next supper.)

Angus likes to help with blogging by soaking up some heat from Trev's laptop.