little italy sorrentinos

Last week Trev and I headed to the Little Italy Sorrentinos to try out their "Back to Basics" menu.  On Sunday, Monday & Tuesday nights they're offering a 3-course meal for $25 with selections from their Back to Basics menu.  It's a fantastic deal, and there were lots of great choices based on simple, traditional family recipes.

We ordered the meatballs and the Maurizio-style sausage to start.  The meatballs were tender and delicious - served in a salty, rich 4-cheese sauce.  Sorrentinos may be right whey they advertise their meatballs as the best Italian meatballs in town.

We also ordered the Italian sausage Maurizio-style.  The dish had sauteed Italian sausage, potato, bell peppers and onion.  It tasted great, and I loved that the potatoes were a bit crispy on the edges.  The sausage was also very flavourful.  The order was huge and we definitely couldn't finish it off, knowing that we had pasta on the way and needed to save room for dessert.

Trev ordered the Penne Al Forno - penne in cream sauce baked with tiny meatballs and cheese.  It was awesome, so cheesy and delicious.  And, it had the same delicious meatballs we had in appetizer form (bonus!).  I ordered the Gnocchi Bolognese and was happy with my pick.  The serving was huge, with lots of potato gnocchi and flavourful, meaty sauce.  See how much was eaten in the picture?  That's all I could manage!

We were so full, but we HAD to have dessert...the choices just looked to good to refuse!  I'm a sucker for lemon treats, so I choose the Torta Della Nona - a pastry crust filled with lemon cream and topped with ground almonds & pinenuts.  It was heavenly; the lemon cream had a smooth, rich vanilla flavour and the taste and aroma of sweet lemon came through nicely.

Trevor loves gelato, especially hazelnut, so that was his pick.  Even though I was so full from dinner I managed to easily finish off my entire dessert (and the rest of our bottle of wine).

All-in-all we had a fantastic night out.  Everything we ate was delicious.  I'm not sure if the 'Back to Basics' menu will will be available after January, so if any of this sounded good to you, make sure you check it out on Tuesday night!

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