la buena vida, akumal

Akumal is a great little town half-way between Playa del Carmen and Tulum.  It's easy to get there on the collectivo, and is worth a visit for the snorkelling AND the food.

We headed down to Yal-Ku for some snorkeling first.  It's a great lagoon with lots of colorful fish, including a huge, grand-daddy parrot fish and one or two patrolling barracuda.  Admission is only $12 and you can easily enjoy yourself for hours.  Snorkeling is hungry work, so after we left we headed to La Buena Vida for some lunch.  It was half-way between the town and Yal-Ku; about a 10 minute walk.

La Buena Vida had a fun, beachy vibe.  The tables were under palapas set on the sand, right beside the beach at Half-Moon Bay.  They had a swing bar and palm-tree houses for enjoying a few beverages up in the breeze.  It was a windy day, so we decided to take a table on the sand rather than 12-feet up.  It was so relaxing to sit and look out over the crystal clear bay and watch the pelicans fishing. 

I ordered the shrimp and fish ceviche.  It was delicious and fresh with a squeeze of lime and a half avocado.  The serving was huge, and even with Trev's help I couldn't finish it all.

Trev ordered the fish tacos (and shared one with me).  It was also a tasty dish with lightly seasoned and battered fish, served with tomatoes, onions and shredded cabbage salad.  My mom ordered the grilled fish version, and enjoyed hers too. 

Jill had a steak & bean burrito.  It was enormous!  The steak was tender and really tasty.  Despite her best efforts, she didn't finish either.  I blame it on all the delicious fresh chips and salsa that restaurants serve before your meal comes can you resist? 

I don't remember exactly what my dad had, but I know there was a salad involved.  It had tomatoes and fresh grapefruit segments (I think).  Anyhow, all I know is that everyone enjoyed their meal.  My mom even said this was her favourite place that we ate at during the trip.  After a delicious and very filling lunch we walked the rest of the way into Akumal and went snorkeling with the sea turtles in the bay.  What an amazing day!