don cafeto, tulum

On our last night in Mexico we decided to go into Tulum pueblo for dinner.  I was excited, because on our previous trips Trev and I had never been into the town, only to the ruins.  So we ordered cabs and headed south.  From our resort (the Grand Sirenis) it was about 30 minutes.  We picked a restaurant that had been listed in my guide book as a local landmark, of sorts - Don Cafeto.  When we arrived some live music was just getting set up and there were a few other tables of locals and tourists.

After we were seated and our drink orders had been placed (a sangria for me) the usual chips and salsa came to the table.  Their chips were nice and crispy and the fresh salsa had a good amount of heat.  Our waiter also brought a large bowl of pickled vegetables with carrots, onion, garlic and hot peppers.  The carrot was awesome!  Trev and my dad decided to sample some habenero dad got off easy with no ribs or seeds in his bite, Trev was not as lucky.  I swear steam was coming out of his ears.  He survived and it was decided that Trev and I should pick a variety of dishes for all of us to share. 

On the recommendation of my guidebook I selected the chili rellenos: a poblano pepper stuffed with queso and lightly breaded with masa flour before a quick dip in the deep fryer, then finally finished with a tomato sauce.  I loved the mild, slightly smoky taste of the poblano. 

We also decided to order some traditonal mole chicken.  The chicken breast came grilled then smothered with the thick, dark mole sauce with a fried plantain on the side.  The mole sauce was really good with a variety of complex flavours but the chocolate was predominant.  I was glad we got to try it.

Our waiter recommended the enchiladas verde.  They turned out to be Trev and Jill's favourite.  They were rich, cheesy and tasty with just a hint of spice.

Just in case all of this wasn't enough food (or because we really wanted to stuff ourselves with good food on our last night) we also ordered arrachera tacos.  They were delicious.  The beef was well seasoned and very tender (I think I even preferred these to El Fogon's).  Somehow it all came down to me to finish the very last know when you eat that one last bite, even when it's against your better judgement, because it just tastes so good?  That was me. 

I'm so glad that we headed down to Tulum and tried out one more local restaurant.  The food at Don Cafeto's was great and we all enjoyed the variety of dishes.  Who knows, maybe next time we'll stay in Tulum and I'll have lots of opportunity to visit again!

Jill's love: tequila

Jill's love: tequila