tailored goods and nomad kitchen

Thursday night was filled with friends, nibbles, drinks and shopping, so in other words, perfect.  Trev and I started the evening at Alley Kat Brewery for their 'Cringer' launch party.  It's a tasty seasonal beer with ginger and cranberry notes.  Definitely worth picking up to share with family friends while it's available this winter (it's going to go perfectly with a leftover turkey sandwich at Christmas time).  After that we headed over to GravityPope Tailored Goods for their private shopping night.

The store is beautiful, it's filled with unique antiques and gorgeous clothing.  It was fantastic to peruse the shop while sipping a glass of prosecco.  There were quite a few pieces that caught my eye, but nothing came home with me this time.  Trevor, on the other hand, was more successful and found a great plaid duffel.

The event was catered by Nomad Kitchen .  Yup, the same Nomad that you can find in the food truck sharing it's delicious meals on the streets of Edmonton.

First I sampled a crostini with house-made kielbassa topped with a pea shoot salad.  The flavour combo was great with the crisp bread and tender, garlicky sausage topped with the fresh taste of pea shoots.

  Next I sampled a smoked tomato soup with basil oil, served with a slice of gourmet grilled cheese.  A beautiful, tiny version of my favourite comfort-food meal.  I could have easily enjoyed several of these little treats, but I wanted to try the smoked chicken phyllo cup too, so I had to restrain myself.

The phyllo cup was good, we both liked it.  First of all, it was really pretty with the golden, crispy phyllo and a few pea shoots on top.  The flavour combo was great with the smoky chicken and a nice, mustardy sauce.

I'm so glad I got to sample the fantastic food from Nomad Kitchen.  I wasn't able to make it to the truck in the summer, but I will definitely be looking forward to a visit to the {finer mobile diner} next spring when they hit the streets again.  Also a big thanks to GravityPope Tailored Goods for a great evening.

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