da*de*o new orleans diner

DaDeO's is one of those places that's easy to miss when you're walking by on Whyte Ave, in fact, we walked by it for years before finally stopping in.  Since then DaDeO's has been a favourite of ours and I enjoyed it just as much as always when we stopped there for lunch on Saturday.

DaDeO's serves cajun-style food in funky retro diner.  It's an adults-only establishment, and it's always packed in there (especially on weekends).  The servers are relaxed and friendly and were always making sure we had what we needed.  After you order they always bring you a biscuit with jalapeno jelly (which I try to pile high, I love that stuff!)

Trev and I both have favourites on the menu, and I did consider some other choices this time, but ended up ordering my usual: crab cake po'boy with sweet potato fries.  I love their homemade crab cakes, served hot on fresh soft french loaf...but it's huge!  I can only ever eat half (the leftovers are good too).  The sweet potato fries at DaDeO's are unlike any others, in a very, very good way.  They're thick cut and lightly battered with a generous sprinkling of cajun seasoning and a sprinkling of green onions.  If you're a fan of sweet potato fries and you haven't tried the ones at DaDeO's, you need to get there ASAP!

Trev stayed with his usual choice too: calamari po'boy, fries and a cherry coke.  I must admit, I've been tempted to order one on many occasions, but I know I can share a bite or two of Trev's.  The calamari is great in the po'boy, but also a tasty treat on it's own. 

All-in-all, this was another delicious meal at DaDeO's (and I came home with more than enough for another meal).  If you haven't been to DaDeO's yet, look for it the next time you're on Whyte Ave - after you try it, you'll definitely be back.

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