samosas and salad

Maybe it's the change in weather, with the turn towards fall, but I seem to have been low in motivation this week.  That included both motivation to cook or bake and (as a direct result) motivation to blog.  We survived on the bare minimum for dinners this week...usually a salad and something out of the freezer that required very little time.  One day it was lamb sausages, one day spanakopita...and one day it was take-out samosas.

I've been getting take-out samosas from Punjab Sweets on 34 Ave for the last few years and they never disappoint.  I always go for the vegetarian ones, stuffed with potato, peas and a great mix of spices.  The outsides are crispy and tasty and they always include a little container of sweet & spicy dipping sauce.  The size is generous and the best part is they are only $0.50 each!  I usually pick up a dozen and warm up the leftovers in the oven to keep them nice and crispy.

I can't comment too much on the rest of the food from Punjab Sweets...I tried their buffet once a few years ago.  I remember the food being average and the price was reasonable (they serve their tasty samosas in the buffet too).  I've tried a few of the sweets too (burfi and galub jamun) and they hit the spot if I've got a sweet tooth.  Punjab Sweets doesn't look like much from the outside.  It's tucked between two car repair/dealerships and looks like it might be in an old fast-food building.  It's easy to miss, but worth looking for the next time you're craving samosas.

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