garden fresh carrots

I'll be the first person to admit that gardening is not my forte...I just don't have the knack.  In my mind it seems like something I should be good at, but I just haven't got it yet.
Last year we planted our first little garden along with some potted herbs and tomatoes.  The tomatoes were a total bust - I think we got two tiny tomatoes out of the whole lot.  The garden grew okay, but we were in Thailand during harvest time, so we never reaped the rewards of the work, which I think made it a little less motivating to try again this year.

Angus was "helping" me in the kitchen
 Despite 2010's marginal results, we tried again.  Trev started tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and squash indoors.  We waited and waited to transplant them outside (knowing that we were having a cold spring).  Finally we put them out in the garden, just in time for a huge hail storm...sigh.  I had also bought some tomato plants from the farmer's market and they suffered in the hail as well.  I didn't really get around to planting herbs this year, but we enjoyed fresh lettuce from the garden all summer.  We planted carrots, red and golden beets and onions in the garden as well as the seedlings Trev had started.

So how did the garden do this year?  A little better I think.  I ended up getting lots of little yellow tomatoes from one of my plants, and the other plants produced lots of green tomatoes, but they never ripened.  I picked all the green tomatoes and they're sitting on the counter until they turn red/yellow, or I get tired of looking at them and find a recipe for green tomatoes.  I picked my carrots and beets this past week.  The carrots were pretty good, I think I could have thinned them out a little more, but they were tasty baby carrots and I'm sure we'll enjoy them for the next couple weeks.  The beets were tiny (like, bite-sized) except for one monster-sized one...not too sure what happened there.  We didn't get any cucumber or squash, but we got lots of onions (a few different varieties). 

Overall, things went okay this year.  I didn't put loads of effort into the garden, so I'm not too disappointed with the results, but it was really rewarding to pull those pretty orange carrots out of the ground.  In fact, I'm even kind-of looking forward to trying again next year.