alley kat launch party

Last Thursday night we spent a wonderful late summer evening at Alley Kat Brewery for the launch of their Ein Prosit! Oktoberfest and Red Dragon Double IPA beers.  The party was from 5-8pm and they were offering free pints, snacks and brewery tours.

In the spirit of Oktoberfest they served up pretzels with mustard, cheese and sausages.  A perfect dinner to go with my beer!

Of the two, my favourite was the Oktoberfest.  It was amber-coloured with a slightly citrusy flavour and a smooth finish.  I'm definitely looking forward to enjoying more of those this fall.  The Red Dragon was good too, but it had more of a bitter aftertaste (not as much my taste, but Trev liked it). 

the tour (accompanied by pints, of course)

the tour (accompanied by pints, of course)

Our little brewery tour was fun too.  We got the grand tour and a lesson in beer-making.  Thanks Alley Kat, we had lots of fun and we're looking forward to the upcoming releases!