a recipe for love

Two years ago today Trevor and I said "I do".  Sometimes it feels like we've been married forever, and other times it feels like those two years have disappeared in the blink of an eye, but everyday I feel grateful that we're together.

Now I know that everyone feels like their wedding was perfect and unique, but I wanted to share a bit about our wedding.  A love of cooking and food has always brought Trev and I together and during our wedding we wanted to share that love with our guests as well.

First of all, the guest book.  I knew right from the start that I didn't want a plain book where people would only write their names and 'congrats!'...why would I ever look at that again?  So I came up with a plan and when we sent out the 'save-the-date' cards I requested that everyone send back their favourite recipe.  It did take a bit of prodding and nagging to get them all back, but eventually I had recipes from almost all of our guests.  I used their recipes to put together a cook book using iPhoto, interspersed with some of our engagement photos.  Then at the wedding, our guests got to sign their page and leave their congrats in a place that we treasure and look at often.

Next, the food: we wanted to do things a little differently, so we planned our wedding for a Friday morning with a lunch reception.  For a while we debated whether to serve brunch foods or lunch foods.  My idea for a waffle bar was outvoted so we ended up agreeing on a 'create your own chop box' station.  It was a lot of fun; everyone got a takeout box to fill up with rice or noodles, and a variety of meats, toppings and sauces.
There was also a variety of passed appetizers (like balsamic-proscuitto dates and salad rolls), a cheese board and fruit-kebabs around the room.  We served the usual coffee and tea, as well as green tea lemonade and mimosas.  Who doesn't enjoy a little bubbly in their orange juice?  There were also multiple bowls of colour-themed candy around the room.  Trevor is a sponge toffee master and makes it every Christmas.  He made a large bowl that everyone enjoyed, especially my grandma...I think that's all she ate!

Aaaaand the wedding cake: there were three tiers with three different flavours, and a surprise cake for Trevor.  There was orange-vanilla cake with peaches & cream filling, chocolate cake with hazelnut buttercream and vanilla cake with lemon filling.  I may have had a *tiny* bridezilla moment when Trev and I were picking out cake flavours and I told him that he couldn't pick chocolate mint cake...Later I felt bad about it, so I ordered him a surprise cake as an apology.  Turns out, people like chocolate mint cake just as much as the other flavours!

Trevor got a sneak peek at his surprise cake
Finally the guest favours.  To continue sharing our love of cooking with our guests, we decided to make a tiny cookbook with our favourite recipes to give to them.  iPhoto has an extra small book that you can order in quantities of four, it ends up being about 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".  Tiny, but cute.  We each picked a few favourite recipes and specialties then included some of our favourite photos over the years.  Our guests loved them!  It was lucky that we had one left over for ourselves, Trev refers back to it every time he wants to make his beer stew!

After our wedding was over we heard from our family and friends that they had really enjoyed being a part of our day.  They had noticed all the details and personal touches that we had included and they felt like our celebration really was a reflection of us.  I am so glad that everyone had a great time, and even happier to be married to the love of my life.  Even two years later, I am immensely grateful to everyone that helped out: our parents and families, Tim and Lois, Jolyn from Nuance Occasions, Kelsy Nielson Photographer, the Winspear Center, La Piazza Dasee, Absolutely Edibles Catering, Simply Elegant Cakes and so many others. 

Here's a list of the recipes our guests shared with us (thanks!):
Marg's Famous Christmas Shortbread, Dave's Favourite Lasagne, Shirley's Traditional Christmas Candy, Wayne's Favourite Brownies, Grandma Eleanor's Bean Salad, Derek's Favourite Snickerdoodles, Caroline's Banana Chip Bread, Jill's Best Brownies, Tyler's Favourite Scalloped Potatoes, Grandma Hilda's Sugar Gingersnaps, Kund's Favourite Pina Colada Muffins, Grandma Joyce & Grandpa Ted's Classic Cabbage Rolls, Grandma Marion & Grandpa Mike's Cheese Rolls, Great Grandma Lee's Pumpkin Pie, Nicole's Chunky Guacamole, Carly's Yummy Fudge Balls, The Hanington Family's Fall Sausage Casserole, Colby & Cassie's Creole Chicken, Denis' Classic Crepes, The Haggarty Family's Rice Pilaf, The Treanor Family's Mojo Marinated Chicken, Wayne & Danita's Stuffed Jumbo Shells, Uncle John & Aunt Rika's Cream Caramel, Chris' Favourit Grilled Korean Short Ribs, Amanda's German Apple Cake, Auntie Gwen & Uncle Gary's German Pancakes, Ashlynn's Japanese Salad, Jacintha's Classy Chicken, Aunt Laura's Famous BBQ Ribs, Kaelan's Favourite Breakfast, Nigel's Super Steak Marinade, Derek's Lip-Smacking S'mores, Jolyn's Famous Onion Ring Salad, The Bicker Family's Cheesecake Pancakes, Stanley's Pampered Peach Perfection, Karen's Healthy Double Chocolate Banana Muffins, Colin's Marvelous Mashed Potatoes, Kevin's Favourite Caesar Salad, Uncle Danny's Favourite Nuts & Bolts, Dale & Vernoica's Honey Garlic Ginger Wings, Lisa's Big Soft Ginger Cookies, Adele's Raspberry Cream Cupcakes