real deal meats: my local butcher

Trev and I have been regular customers at Real Deal Meats since they opened their doors, in fact, Alicia always reminds Trev that we were their second-ever-customers.  Darcy and Alicia are great people that always make you feel welcome (and they have a super-cute son, Porter).  We love this place, and we feel so fortunate to have a source for fresh local meats so close to our home.

Darcy and Alicia work hard to provide locally sourced beef, pork, bison, chicken, turkey and lamb for their customers.  We love everything from there, but the whole organic free-range chickens are amazing (check out the pictures at the bottom).  We also order a fresh Hutterite turkey from them every Thanksgiving and Christmas (the smallest one we have ever been able to get was 16lbs).  Recently we tried Darcy's freshly made chorizo sausages on our charcoal bbq, and they were fantastic.  The list goes on: Darcy makes a variety of products, including sausages, smokies, garlic rings, pepperoni and a variety of jerkey, really, almost anything you can think of.  We also frequently pick up farm-fresh eggs at the shop.    

The shop puts together awesome freezer packs too, which are a great deal if you have some space in your freezer.  We usually get a variety of roasts, steaks and chicken pieces to keep on hand.  One chicken breast is enough to feed both of us, they're huge.  Oh, and we usually have some of their bacon on hand too (thick cut and not too fatty). 

Darcy also does custom butchering and game butchering, so when we were given a young buffalo earlier this summer, Trev brought it to Darcy's for butchering.  He let it hang for a few weeks than cut it up and packaged it for us.  We manged to cram 200 lbs of bison into our little freezer, and we're looking forward to trying it and sharing the results with Darcy and Alicia.

We love recommending Real Deal Meats to people.  First of all, we love to support local business and second, you can't beat the local, small town-feel service and quality of product.

This is one of the chickens we got from Real Deal Meats.  We cooked it up on our charcoal BBQ and it turned out so tender and juicy.  One chicken is huge, and will make quite a few meals for the two of us!