me gusta tres carnales

On Saturday night we met some friends for dinner at Tres Carnales, and once again, we were not disappointed.  (here's a link to my first post about the restaurant) We arrived at about 7, and the place was packed, but it wasn't too long before we were able to grab a bunch of chairs at the family table. 

We started off with several jugs of sangria.  It's so good, the type you could easily drink a pitcher of by yourself.  Fruity and refreshing with pieces of orange and pineapple.  While we were enjoying our first glass of sangria we all debated what to order.  I usually just order what ever is the day's special, but this time I decided to go with the arrachera tacos and of course, I requested chips with guacamole.  Trev decided to go with the chorizo tacos (but it was a tough debate between those and the fish tacos).  While he was ordering Chris convinced him to try the ceviche (i.e., twisted Trev's rubber arm), so we ended up with an order of that too.

Our guacamole and ceviche arrived first.  Like before, the guacamole was perfect with nice chunks of ripe avocado and tomato.  The homemade chips are crunchy and fresh with a tasty sprinkle of salt, and they're sturdy enough to load up with a generous scoop of guacamole or ceviche and not lose half in the bowl.  The ceviche was delicious, with a fresh and vibrant flavour.  (I forgot to ask, but I assume it was red snapper.)  The fish was lightly cooked in the acid of the limes and the flavour was enhanced with little segments of orange and thin slices of serrano chilis for just a touch of heat, and of course, tomato, onion and fresh cilantro.  I would definitely recommend it, even if you don't think ceviche is your thing, you'll like this one.

My arrachera tacos were good.  The flank steak was nicely seasoned and really tender.  I asked for some Tres Carnales hot sauce (they make it from scratch) and added a few spoonfuls on top of my tacos; it added a bit of heat and a smoky chili flavour.  Trev's chorizo tacos were good too with a cilantro sauce on top (plus hot sauce).

The atmosphere inside Tres Carnales is infectious.  It was packed with people enjoying their food and spending time with friends on Saturday night.  The conversation is lively and everyone looked like they were having fun, including the staff.  Danny, Chris and Edgar work hard to make sure everyone is satisfied and they look like they have a blast doing it.

Danny stopped by our table to see how everything was and told me about one of his upcoming specials: yak tacos.  Yup, yak.  He said he's never cooked it before, but it's been marinating for a few days and everything that comes out of their kitchen is good, so I'm sure that yak taco will be good too.  A little while later he stopped by again with a plate for me.  There was one beautiful little taco on it, and all he would tell me is that he wanted to know what I thought and wanted me to guess what type of meat it was.

Hmmmm......On inspection all I could tell was that it was red meat of some sort, so I took a bite.  The meat was very tender with little bits of fat, it just melted in my mouth.  The flavour was good, fairly mild.  As I was eating my taco a few guesses were made at our table (thanks friends): goat, whale, lamb, seal...Turns out it was a beef tongue taco, a common mexican dish.  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.  If had seen 'lingua taco' on the menu I might not have tried it, but I'm glad that I tasted it.  So if beef tongue is a little out of your comfort zone, be brave and give it a try.  It was worth it!

Once again we had a great time at Tres Carnales.  Thanks guys, we're already looking forward to our next visit (and maybe some beef tongue tacos). 

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