furusato japanese restaurant

Furusato is one of those hidden gems that everyone seems to know about.  It's on "the wrong side of the tracks" on Whyte Ave and from the outside you would never guess that you would find good sushi inside.

We were meeting a few friends for dinner.  As usual, Nigel was running late so we had time to order some appetizers before they arrived.  We got an order of chicken yakitori and an order of gyoza.  Both were good, I liked the little sections of green onions between the chicken on the skewer.  The gyoza were a little on the oily side, but I liked the dipping sauce.

I generally order a variety of rolls when we're there, so I decided to order a bento box so that I could try some of their other dishes.  It was waaaay too big for me to finish; it came with soup, assorted tempura, beef teriyaki, bean sprout salad, a few pieces of sushi and some fruit.  The beef teriyaki was just okay, but everything else was good.  For being a long way from the ocean, the quality of their sushi is pretty good.

Everyone else had sushi, sashimi and rolls.  A few people ordered the Love Roll: the inside had crab, avocado, tempura bits and cream cheese (I think) and outside was rolled in thinly sliced salmon.  The rolls were placed together to look like little hearts, so cute!

If you haven't been to Furusato it's worth a visit.  The food and friendly staff keep us coming back.

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