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Wow, the guys at Tres Carnales are on fire!  Glowing reviews are rolling out left, right and center and from the looks of things, the momentum will keep building.  Check out these reviews from CBCEating is the Hard Partedmonton foodie and It's a Weird Wild Wonderful Life.  Danny, Chris and Edgar keep in touch with the public from twitter and their blog, so we can all check and see what's going on with them, which may be important...They tweeted that Friday night was another record night for them, and they had run out of so many menu items by 9:00 that they had to close down early! 

Last night Trev and I made our first visit to their brand-spanking new restaurant for some greatly anticipated tacos.  First of all, the place looks fantastic.  It has a laid-back casual feel, with just the right amount of Mexican flair.  I loved the glass and metal star lanterns hanging above the family table and the painting of the luchador mask.  There are lots of tables, a few couches and one large family table for groups or a place to meet new friends; that being said, it's not a large restaurant, so you may have to wait a bit if you want a table all to yourself.  You can choose to order at the front counter and pay right away, or you can order from the table and pay later, either way, the service was great.  The guys have tons of personality and are always checking to make sure everyone is satisfied.   

The evening's special was fish tacos, so we both got an order as well as an order of fresh tortilla chips with guacamole to share.  The tacos were great; the fish was a lightly battered red snapper with some fresh salsa and a coleslaw-like salad.  The fresh chips were good too, they came out still warm.  They might have been a little on the oily side, but they tasted just like the ones we enjoyed in Mexico.  The guacamole was outstanding - it was a little on the chunky side, just the way I like it, and the avocados were perfectly ripe, accented by the fresh cilantro...I could eat a bowl of that stuff with every meal, and the serving size was generous too.  Everything at Tres Carnales if fresh - they don't even own a freezer.  I also loved their selection of Mexican beers and sodas.  They make sangria, which I think I'll have to sample next time.  

The only thing missing from Tres Carnales?....dessert.  How amazing would it be if they had fresh churros on their menu?  

After our fantastic dinner at Tres Carnales, we strolled over to Churchill Square to catch some of the Street Performers Festival (one of my summer favourites).  We caught a heavy metal/magic act and a hilarious bit by Miss Behave.  All in all, a perfect summer evening.  

sword swallowing...don't try this at home kids

sword swallowing...don't try this at home kids

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