al fresco block party

Trev and I have been looking forward to the 104St. Al Fresco Block Party since we heard about it on "Only Here for the Food".  How could we resist?  Combine the vibrant and hip 104 St. with food, drinks and street performers and how could you go wrong? 

The event was a fundraiser for E4C School Lunch & Snack Program.  The program provides lunches for over 2,000 students in ten high-needs schools, over one millions snacks each year to approximately 5,500 students and educates children and families about nutrition.  At Al Fresco, for each food/beverage ticket purchased, $1 was donated to E4C.  deVine Wines also hosted an online silent auction to raise additional funds. 

We parked near the university and took the LRT over.  We arrived around 5:30, and the street was already packed.  The line-up at the deVine Wines tent was huge, so we wandered past to check out the other booths.  After we had walked all the way to the end (where I mentally noted the location of Eva Sweet's waffle truck) we decided to start with barbecued meats from Pampa Brazilian restaurant.  The line was looong, but they were working hard to keep up with the demand.  Their plate had four different types of meat.  My favourite was the the pork sausage, and Trev's favourite was the sirloin, but really, it was all delicious.  We haven't been to Pampa yet, but I think after that little sample, we may have to plan a visit. 

While we were waiting in the line for Pampa we got a sneak peek at the burlesque performers and the models for the fashion show.  I'm a big fan of people-watching, and there were lots of interesting characters out and about yesterday.  Yesterday was also the Pride celebration, which I think added fantastic energy to the block party.

After we watched the burlesque show we headed to the Tres Carnales stand.  I. LOVE. TACOS. and the guys at Tres Carnales did not disappoint.  Trev and I had tacos and grilled good.    I can't wait for the restaurant to open up!  (rumor is they're getting close)

We continued wandering around the party where we also stopped in at Coup Boutique.  They were hosting an open house with appetizers supplied by Culina.  I loved the bacon-wrapped dates, candied nuts and spicy chocolate pate.  The food was great and the clothes are beautiful.  We kept going and decided to have some desserts.  First, Trev found a lemon tart from Queen of Tarts.  Next he found a cup of mango gelato from Pinocchio's and I had a waffle from Eva Sweet.  I tried a maple waffle with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, and of course it was delicious.  Usually I just get a plain waffle, and I have to say that I think I prefer them plain, that way you can really taste the maple flavour and the crunch of the carmelized sugar. 

Wow, we had a fantastic evening filled with good food and fun with friends.  The Al Fresco block party appeared to be a smashing success, and I hope they were able to raise lots of money for E4C!

I took lots of great photos that captured the fun and energy.  I couldn't resist adding a few more: