greens eggs & ham farm

First of all, a big thank you to the Grueneberg family for opening their farm to my mom and I (and my camera). 

On Saturday morning we headed out to the Greens Eggs & Ham farm, south of Leduc.  I've been buying duck eggs from them since last summer, when I found them at the City Market.  Why did I decide to buy (and keep buying) duck eggs?  They make a noticeable difference in my baking (especially pie crusts) making tender, delicate and delicious baked goods.  I find that people usually seem a bit apprehensive when I tell them that I use duck eggs in my baking, but trust me, it's worth it.  Also, a little over a year ago my mom found out that she has an extensive list of food allergies, including chicken eggs, so I bought some for her to try too.  It turns out that waterfowl eggs are  hypoallergenic.  They are alkaline, rather than acidic like chicken eggs and have a different protein structure, so my mom has been able to enjoy eggs again, rather than the various powders usually sold as egg replacements.   

So back to the farm...

Their pastures aren't quite ready yet, so the ducks were still in the barn (and are sensitive to visitors) so we didn't get to see them this time.  We did get to visit the family's "pet" birds in another barn.  They had a variety of birds, including ducks, geese, turkeys and guinea hens.  The pet birds also lay eggs that they sell at the markets when available, so I came home with some guinea eggs as well as a flat of duck eggs.  (only $12 for a flat of duck eggs)

Greens Eggs & Ham doesn't just do eggs (I guess that's implied in their name).  They have lots of great produce with a focus on heirloom or heritage varieties and a selection of meats.  Beyond what's produced at their own farm, they are linked with other farms and local producers across Alberta, so they could even help you locate cheese. 

At the farm we also got to see the pet goats and their two huge dogs, who are really friendly, but liked the taste of my rubber boots!  I got lots of great photos that I wanted to share.  I was going to post an egg-inspired recipe with this post, but I think I'll split it up...look for that one soon.