greens eggs and ham for dinner

Inspired by Greens Eggs & Ham's farm-fresh ingredients I made these open sandwiches for dinner one night.  I made them by brushing some olive oil on sliced french bread and baking them until they were lightly crispy.  I fried up the guinea eggs in a bit of butter, then layered up the sandwich.  Bread, speck (smoked ham from the Italian Center), arugula then guinea egg.  They were really good.  I loved the soft, runny yolk mixed with the other ingredients.  Serve with a salad for a quick and easy weeknight dinner, or serve it for weekend brunch!

How were the guinea eggs?  Really good actually.  They're about the same size as a chicken egg, but they have a pronounced point at one end.  Apparently it's so that their eggs will roll in circles, rather than out of the nest in their natural environments.  Because of the potential for a fall out of the nest, the shells are also very tough.  Being inexperienced with guinea eggs, I had to give them quite a few hard cracks against the side of the frying pan, and was surprised at the amount of force it took to crack them open.  The eggs were so fresh, and tasted great.  I would definitely recommend trying them if you get the chance.

duck egg, chicken egg, guinea egg