duchess bake shop

After we hit up the Strathcona market early Saturday morning, we headed across the river to the Duchess Bake Shop for some breakfast.  We arrived at about 9:45 and the shop doesn't open until 10, so we took a little walk (in the crazy wind) and returned just before the doors opened.  There was already a short lineup outside the door.

Once we were inside we got a little table for two then joined the lineup at the counter.  Trevor ordered the pain au chocolat and I decided on the apple galette.  Trevor's pain au chocolat looked delicious (he chose the dark chocolate variety), but he polished it off before I asked for a taste so I'll have to take his word for it.  My galette was delicious, with tender pastry wrapped around a sweet apple filling.  The filling had that wonderful apple-cinnamon comfort-food taste, with a touch of caramel flavour.  

Pain au Chocolat

Apple Galette

I immensely enjoyed my galette and an americano, and was feeling pretty full by the time I scraped the last bits of apple and pastry from my plate, but Trev's eyes had wandered back to the display case.  He told me he couldn't resist the eclairs, so he got back in line.  When he returned he had an eclair and a key lime tart. 

Key Lime Tart

Mmmm...we both love key lime, and this tart definitely did not disappoint.  The graham crust was crisp, buttery and just the right thickness.  The lime curd was smooth, sweet and tangy, with the right amount of lime.  After splitting the eclair, we each only had a few bites and brought the rest home for later.  

We also brought home a box of macaroons; we got one of each flavour.  Our favorites were salted caramel, coconut, chocolate licorice and elderflower.  I also loved the lemon, strawberry and pistachio...neither of us was fond of the maple-bacon macaroon.  Maple, yes - bacon, no.  Regardless of flavour, all the macaroons were a delight to eat.  

We thoroughly enjoyed all of our treats from the Duchess Bake Shop, and I think I already know what I want next time...tomato and goat cheese galette, gruyere croissant and meringues, although I'd be happy with any of their fabulous treats. 

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