d-dutchman dairy ice cream

When we were driving to BC on the weekend we stopped at D-Dutchman Dairy in Sicamous.  I've been going there since I was a small child...and I have lots of great memories.  At the farm you can stop in for an ice cream and a visit with their farm animals.

They make the ice cream there, and they have a lot of flavours.  The ice cream is always creamy and rich; it tastes amazing in a cone, but I've also had it as a hot-fudge sundae...just wow.  The store also sells ice cream to-go, cheese and milk in a glass bottle.

On this visit I decided to go with banana-fudge and bubble gum ice cream in a waffle cone.  For me, the bubble gum from D-Dutchman Dairy is a tradition - it was always my favorite as a kid.  It tasted just like I remembered: blue with little chunks of gum.  The banana fudge was good too; lots of that yummy artificial banana flavour that reminds you of childhood, with a dark swirl of chocolate fudge.  Trevor ordered a waffle cone with peppermint patty and dutch caramel praline ice cream.  The peppermint was good (always one of Trev's favourites), but he was enthralled with the dutch caramel.  It was a milk chocolate ice cream with a swirl of caramel and little bits of praline.  It was delicious (he let me have a little taste).

Courtenay & Jill enjoying bubble gum ice cream in the early days

Courtenay & Jill enjoying bubble gum ice cream in the early days

At the farm they have llamas, a camel, peacocks, chickens and of course, lots of cows.  (I think I remember monkeys when I was a kid too).  We stopped into the calf barn for some love.  It always surprises me that their tongues are sooo long!  When I was younger we had a beagle named Jake, and he always liked to lick the calf's noses.  On our visit this past weekend, I got licked too...don't worry, I washed my hands.