bagels, sushi & burgers

It was a road trip long weekend for us.  We headed to the Okanagan for my cousin's wedding, so we stopped at some of our favourite places along the way.  First, on Friday morning we stopped in Canmore for bagels at the Rocky Mountain Bagel Co.  This was one of my regular hangouts the summer I lived in Kananaskis.  They make their own bagels, and they're great - fresh, chewy and delicious.  The coffee is also local, and good.  They also have a variety of cream cheese flavours and bagel sandwiches.  The place is always filled with people, which I take to be a good sign.  I chose the BLTC (bacon, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese) on a parmesan-herb bagel.  Trevor CRAVES the lox bagel, so of course, that was his choice (on a plain bagel).  We both really enjoyed our sandwiches, but I think I'll go for a pizza bagel next time (one of my old favourites). 

 We arrived in Vernon on Friday night, then the wedding was in Kelowna on Saturday...but it wasn't until the afternoon so we went to one of our favourite sushi places with my sister, Jill.  Momo Sushi is right downtown on main street.  It's always been one of my favorite places to go whenever I'm in town.  Their maki rolls are really good, and they have some neat, unique combinations.  We usually order the 'Crispy Crispy Roll' which has tempura shrimp & yam, crab and cucumber, then it's rolled in panko bread crumbs and quickly deep fried.  This time we tried the 'Peter Roll' which was kind-of like a dynamite roll piled high with spicy tuna, it was really good (but was a huge bite).  We also ordered the regulars...spicy tuna, kappa maki, dynamite rolls...ah, we were all stuffed.  I'm already looking forward to my next visit to Kelowna so we can go back again.   

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, Landon & Carly's love was so obvious.  Trevor and I had a great time celebrating with my family.  It's not often enough that we're all together, but it's always a blast.  This morning after breakfast with my grandparents we started heading back towards Alberta.  We stopped for a late lunch in Banff at The Eddie Burger, another favourite.  It's a funky little place, just off the main street with a variety of house-made burgers and a good selection of beer and wine.  They've got good specials too, so if you can make it on a Monday, they have $6 cheeseburgers.  We split a cotton candy milkshake, which was decent but could have used more ice cream (I like a thick shake).  Trevor had the 'big hawaiian' burger - a homemade beef burger with sweet, tangy BBQ sauce, grilled pineapple and cheddar cheese.  I got the 'red white & blue burger' - a beef burger with spicy buffalo hot sauce, bacon and blue cheese.  Mine was served on an english muffin, which meant I got in about 2 bites before it fell apart and I had to 'knife-and-fork' it.  I had fresh kettle chips on the side and they were yummy with their spicy ketchup.  All-in-all, so good and so filling...I didn't even need to eat dinner!  We finally made it home (uugh, long weekend traffic) and we'll try and get back into routine tomorrow.  It's great to get away for a bit, but it's nice to come home too.