chocolate green tea macaroons

Today there was a flurry of activity in our kitchen.  The Kitchen Aid mixer was in almost constant use!  I was working on a lemon layer cake (it's my turn to bring birthday treats to work tomorrow), and mexican chocolate butter cookies (more on those later).  While I was working on that, Trevor was working on his first-ever batch of macaroons.

He was using the recipe from Brave Tart (  It's definitely a blog worth checking out.  She also has an awesome post "Macaroon Mythbusters", that tackles all those little tricks & tips that some insist are necessary for successful macaroons, and ultimately shows that macaroons are not as difficult as you may think.  Filled with confidence after reading the blog, Trevor decided to go for it, and try his hand at macaroons.

I'd say he did pretty good.  They look beautiful and the cookies have a deep chocolately taste.  The matcha green tea swiss buttercream icing was an excellent complement for the chocolate.  The flavour definitely had an asian-flare.  It reminded me of the green-tea flavoured Kit-Kat bars we tried on our layover in the Tokyo airport.  One small tweak for next time: don't forget to use unsalted butter in the swiss buttercream.