breakfast at madison's grill

Ah, the weekend.  For us, it's a time to catch up on all the little things we didn't get around to doing all week and spending some time relaxing.  For me, spending time in the kitchen is relaxing and fun, so I had a "to-do" list of recipes I wanted to try.  But before I got started in the kitchen, we headed out for breakfast with a friend.

Trevor has been craving lox and bagels for a few weeks now, but really, I think he just wanted the salmon, so I looked up some menus online.  As I was looking, I remembered that we have been meaning to try breakfast at Madison's for some time now (and a quick check of their menu revealed Smoked Salmon Benedict).  So it was decided.  Madison's has a special place in our hearts...we ate our wedding dinner there.  We've also enjoyed the chef's tasting menu.  So I was eager to try it for breakfast.

Their menu revealed a gourmet, locally focused flare on the traditional breakfast menu...omelettes, eggs benedict, fruit and granola, steak and all sounded delicious.  As I scanned down the page, my mind was made up at the sight of "peanut butter mousse".  So I ordered the banana hotcakes with peanut butter mousse, raspberry compote, maple syrup and maple sage sausages.  I also ordered coffee, and I loved that they brought me my own little coffee pot, so I could refill my cup whenever I wanted.

The food was great.  I really enjoyed my pancakes, but couldn't quite stuff in the last few bites.  I liked the peanut butter mousse and raspberry compote together, it was like some sort of fancy pb+j sandwich.  The only thing I would change would have been more bananas in the pancakes...but I really like banana (especially with peanut butter).  Trevor enjoyed his West Coast Benedict with dill hollandaise,  he said the smoked salmon was perfect.  He thought the hollandaise was a little rich, but very delicious, and he managed to eat every last bite.  

Overall, we thought Madison's was a great place to go breakfast.  The food was beautiful, delicious and also very affordable.  Most dishes on the menu were around $12-14.  The service was good, and the restaurant itself is gorgeous.  We will definitely be back.  

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