back alley burgers

Listen to this: fresh-made beef patty fried in duck fat, topped with fried duck egg, arugula, bacon and mayo on a fresh bun...are you salivating yet? 

Earlier in the week Trevor and I caught word of Hundred Bar and Kitchen's "back alley burger" on Eat My Words and we knew we had to try it.  Trev mentioned it to our friend, Jarret, and he joined us for the adventure.  We arrived in the alley at about 9:00, and there was already a short line-up.  The line-up started forming pretty quickly behind us.  It was fun to be hanging out in the alley with a whole bunch of other people who love food too (if you didn't, you wouldn't wait 1/2 hour in the cold for a burger).  At about 9:15 some of the chefs came out and went down the line, trading $5 for a "burger token".  The smell of cooking burgers started wafting out of the kitchen...I didn't think I was hungry, but based on the delicious aroma, my stomach decided it had more room.  The burgers started leaving the kitchen at about 9:30, and they were worth the wait.

The burger was fantastic.  The patty was perfectly seasoned, and the fact that it was fried in foie gras gave it a lot of extra, interesting flavour.  The fried duck egg was also really good.  The yolk from the egg was a rich, creamy condiment and the peppery arugula helped to balance out the flavours and scale back the richness of the patty, bacon and the egg.  Someone asked one of the chefs what kind of mayo it was, he replied "just regular old mayo, sometimes you don't mess with the classics".  Perfect.

the burger party in the alley

 Everyone hung out in the alley, stuffing their faces and talking about how amazing the burger was (and it was amazing).  There were only 40 burgers, so people who showed up late didn't end up getting one.  Are you wondering how you can get in on this burger action next time?  You need to follow Hundred Bar and Kitchen on Twitter...they'll tweet about upcoming dates.